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Empowering SMBs with data to maximize their ad success.

  • Innovation: Pioneering AI-driven ad solutions
  • Precision: Ensuring accurate audience targeting
  • Efficiency: Maximizing ad spend effectiveness
  • Growth: Driving client success and growth
  • Transparency: Maintaining clarity in data use
  • Collaboration: Valuing partnerships and feedback

Ahmed El Naggar

Co-founder & CEO

Ahmed is an engineer with a successful track record as an entrepreneur building 4 profitable businesses over the last 13 years, hiring more than 300 people across 3 countries, and generating more than $10MM+ in annual revenue.

Ahmed has been in the SMB field for more than a decade experiencing the pain of finding new customers using paid ads, it's the number one way to drive growth and make money and if it’s not done right, it’s probably the number one way that brands LOSE the most money, too. Ahmed experienced both outcomes.

Altay Malazgirt

Head of Revenue

Altay is a former professional gymnast (US Club Junior Olympics and Turkish National Team) turned Tech Sales Executive with 6 years of Sales/BD experience at startup companies.
He is fluent in 4 languages (English, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese) with international experience in 5 countries.

His professional achievements include being hired at his first company as part of its "rising young professionals" program, being named as one of the top AE’s at his second company (overachieving quota by 140% throughout his first year), and contributing to his previous company’s Seed round financing of $7 million USD.
Altay holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from ESADE Business School (ranked 3rd globally for entrepreneurship).

Mai El Naggar

Co-founder & COO

Mai worked at Dell for 3 years, she managed a team of 25 responsible for continual improvement and business optimization in Egypt. She was promoted and assigned to lead a national project in partnership between Dell & the Egyptian government to provide "Tablets" to all Egyptian students in emerging schools, which she delivered with high acknowledgment from Dell senior management.

After that, Mai worked with Ahmed in his latest venture in Dubai, UAE, as COO, working with top developers and retailers in the country.